Minecraft Doctor Who is now a multi server network. This means that you can now use the command /server to access a list of available servers that you can transfer to instantly. Returning to the main server is just as simple with the command /server prime. I will try to keep a list of servers here on this page with a brief description of each. I hope you all enjoy them, and remember that these are completely different servers with different plugins.

Server List

Prime – The main server. Doctor Who themed, lots of plugins and worlds to explore. Tardis plugins for Time Lord donors.

Vanilla – A standard vanilla minecarft server, no plugins at all.

Creative – A standard creative server, no plugins. Players are encouraged to make Doctor Who related things, but anything is fine as long as it is not offensive.

Hardcore Factions – Hardcore server, if you die you are banned for 12 hours. Join a faction, pvp, raids, grief and steal all you want.

Prison (Coming Soon) – Collect resources to buy your way out of a massive Prison server. I will need guards for this project in the future, let me know if you would like to help out.

Dreamweaver Modpack

This private modpack features rpg and magic mods. It is available to those that ask me for the url personally. This pack is not to be distributed or shared in any way. The modlist follows with links to the mods home pages if you would like to donate to these hard working folks.


Coming soon…

Website Rebuild

Because I was unable to save the database information from the old server, because I made a huge and stupid mistake. I will be rebuilding the website over the next couple of weeks. I hope you will all be using it more often after I get it all set up. I will try to add some forums and have more server updates so you know what is going on.